Wild water(s)

Water sports in the Hohe Tauern National Park

The “Wild Waters” in the Hohe Tauern are not just breath-takingly beautiful, powerful and inspiring, on its way from the mountain down into the valley, water creates an unparalleled adventure realm for water sports fans. The range of activities available extends from canyoning in gorges and ravines to a canoeing tour on the Drau and everyone will find something to suit them.

Wildwasserarena Mölltaler (c) Wildwasserverein Mölltal (8)
Wildwasserarena Mölltaler (c) Wildwasserverein Mölltal (8)

Möll, Drau or lake

At times the water flows fast and wild, at others it makes its way through the valley at a leisurely pace, then comes together again to create a lake, attracting thousands of sports lovers to its banks. In the valleys of the Möll and the Drau holiday adventures that will have water sports fans crying for joy await. The Möll is one of the most attractive rafting water bodies in the East Alps, while at the Drau a river landscape that exudes environmental charm awaits.

Schlauchbootfahren Drau
Schlauchbootfahren Drau

Rafting & Inflatable dinghy rides

Rafting in Mölltal: You get to experience plenty of activity & fun during a rafting adventure. Side by side with experienced, qualified guides, in your rafting boat you get to experience a fantastic ride across waves and rolls. On a more tranquil family tour even the youngest rafters get to enjoy a taste of the wild waters.
Inflatable dinghy rides in Drautal: Out on a private inflatable dinghy ride you can get right up close to the romantic landscape and the unique natural surroundings of the Obere Drau area. Whether it is in a 3-seater, 4-seater or 8-seater dinghy, there is a size to suit everyone’s needs and of course everyone can be their own river captain!


Action & fun while canyoning

The wild waters of the Hohe Tauern have for millions of years forged a path through the rocks, creating a fascinating realm that you get to explore while canyoning. Experienced guides provide the requisite safety, taking those who are interested into a realm of gorges and ravines. Choose from the Wöllaschlucht in Stall, the sports and adventure camp in Obervellach, the outdoor centre – Club-Aktiv Mölltal or Ares Canyoning in Drautal.

Wildwasserarena Mölltaler (c) Wildwasserverein Mölltal (13)

Wild water in Mölltal

What have “Gletscherzunge”, “Schneckenschlurf” and “Apotheker” got to do with water sport? Well, quite a lot. These are the resounding names of the obstacles, waves and rollers on the Möll, which get the adrenaline flowing in the veins of true water sports fans in the Tschochtan-stretch of the river. A strong current creates waves and rollers and those who have it in them can enjoy manoeuvering on the kayak course. At the end a staggering wave awaits, named after the female water spirit Rusalka. Who wants more information?

More information about Mölltal Wild Water Park

Contemplation on the Drau

On a canoeing tour on the Drau matters are somewhat more contemplative and leisurely. The description, “hiking river”, is 100% right, since the 55km Obere Drautal is one of the most charming and environmentally valuable fluvial landscapes in Europe.

The Drau Paddelweg is the family-friendly outdoor experience for holidaymakers. During a course with an experienced Canoe Instructor, the basics of piercing paddle technique are quickly learned. Thanks to canoe rental and guided tours, you will come closer to the unique nature of the Drau and experience wonderful moments of pleasure.
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More information about Drau Paddelweg

“Wake Stall” at Gößnitzsee

At Gößnitzsee the water is less wild than it is while canyoning, or in the wild water arena, yet the water does not always have to flow for you to have fun. At Gößnitzsee is Carinthia’s only wakeboarding facility, providing plenty of fun on the lake with its bathing beach, slacklines, mini ramp and beach volleyball pitch. No doubt about it, in the Wake Stall action sport is the order of the day and those of you who want to chill out after wakeboarding, skateboarding o playing beach volleyball, will be delighted with the lunger area and the cosy chill-out area with its seating and great sounds.

More information about the Wake Stall at Gößnitzsee
Wildwasserarena Mölltaler (c) Wildwasserverein Mölltal (18)

We sum up:

  • River rafting with professional rafting providers
  • Wild water park Mölltal – wild water as it should be
  • Canyoning on the WILD WATER in Wöllaschlucht or in the Drautal
  • Carinthia’s only wakeboard facility at Gößnitzsee
  • Canoe tours and inflatable dinghy rides along the Drau
  • Drau Paddelweg – Canoe hiking on the Drau
  • National Park “Kärnten Card” – lots of benefits & discounts

Is wild water and water sport one of the really great holiday adventures for you?

Then you have to travel to Carinthia, to the Hohe Tauern National Park and dive into the cooling waters.

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