Road cycling & Mountain biking

At a leisurely pace on the bike path or fast in the mountains

You can opt for either road riding or mountain biking in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Either enjoy a leisurely paced ride along a bike path, or put a bit more power into your pedals and head out on a mountain bike tour. One element is almost always the same – you will be riding through fantastic natural surroundings and enjoying sensational views.

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Bike trekking on the Drau Cycle Path

Those who are not so interested in metres altitude and who prefer to roll at a leisurely pace in the valley, will really love our cycle paths. The Drau Cycle Path has been designated a 4-star cycle path by the ADFC (national cycling association) and is one of the loveliest cycle paths in Austria. Between the Lienz Dolomites and the Carinthian lakes a very special cycling experience awaits, with plenty of nature, relaxation and leisurely cycle tours on offer.

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BIKE Region Hohe Tauern
BIKE Region Hohe Tauern

Alpine highlights on the Glockner cycle path

Many people ask: “Can there really be a leisurely cycle path in the high mountain areas that is suitable for families?” Well, yes, there can be. On the Glockner cycle path you will enjoy a very special cycling experience and get to cycle along one of the cleanest rivers in Austria. Our TIP: take the bus upriver, then enjoy a leisurely ride back along the river, without having to tackle any significant climbs.

Highlights along the Glockner cycle path

  • Pilgrimage church, St.Vinzenz in Heiligenblut
  • Jungfernsprung Waterfall near Heiligenblut
  • Gartl Waterfall near Großkirchheim
  • Mautturm in Winklern
  • “Zeitfabrik” museum near Lainach
  • Raggaschlucht in Flattach
  • Groppensteinschlucht near Obervellach
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To the lake by bike

“Alpe-Adria” is something quite special. So too is the Alpe Adria Cycle Path. In one week you can get by bike from the Mozart city of Salzburg to Grado am Meer, taking the train through the Tauernschleuse to Mallnitz, then crossing the Hohe Tauern National Park region. The views to the Hohe Tauern will inspire you, before you then continue your ride right through Carinthia, heading for the Austrian-Italian border.

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BIKE Region Hohe Tauern
BIKE Region Hohe Tauern

Mountain biking in the National Park

Mountain bike riders really get to enjoy tours in our region. The Hohe Tauern, in particular the 3798m Großglockner, provides an incomparable backdrop for extensive mountain bike tours. There are over 25 day tours covering a total length of some 250 km and 26,000 metres altitude to choose from. Cyclists get to enjoy challenging ascents, fun paths and cosy inns.

TOP 7 mountain bike tours

  1. Stappitz valley circuit: 9,3 km, 120 hm, EASY
  2. Obervellach – Himmelbauer: 7,6 km, 633 hm, MEDIUM
  3. Pfaffenberg – Runde: 11,5 km, 532 hm, MEDIUM
  4. Obervellach – Launsberghütte: 2,8 km, 224 hm, EASY
  5. Irschner Almenrunde: 18.9 km, 1039 hm, HEAVY
  6. E.T. Comptonhütte: 24,5 km, 1.286 hm, HEAVY
  7. Oscheniksee: 16,7 km, 1.742 hm, HEAVY
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Rent a Bike

The Hohe Tauern Nationalpark region is now part of the Carinthian wheel rental system of the company Papin Sport.


Here the motto is: Hire where you want, return where you want! Together with the company Papin and the Carinthian tourism regions, an extensive network of roughly 50 hire stations for all kinds of bikes (MTB, city bikes, children’s bikes, e-bikes, etc.) has been set up. All bikes can be reserved online.

Bike rentals in Hohe Tauern National park

  • Intersport Großglockner

    Hof 6, 9844 Heiligenblut, +43 4824 2256-145 6

  • Nationalpark-Info Mautturm Winklern

    Winklern 9, 9841 Winklern, +43 4822 22716 7

  • eMobilitätsbüro Hohe Tauern (Bahnhof)

    Stappitz 45 / 46 , 9822 Mallnitz, +43 699 16120015 8

  • Penkerwirt

    Penk 11, 9816 Penk, +43 4783 2241 9

  • Kletterhalle Mühldorf

    Mühldorf 271, 9814 Mühldorf, +43 720 445700 10

  • Camping am Waldbad

    Raßnig 8, 9772 Dellach, +43 4714 288 11

  • Radlerstation Sandhof

    Feistritz 9, 9771 Berg im Drautal, +43 4712 478

Return possibilities in our area

  • Hotel ROYAL X

    Seehofstraße 25, 9871 Seeboden, +43 4762 81669 22

  • Bikeshop Seeboden

    Hauptstraße 36, 9871 Seeboden, +43 664 2162041

  • 24  More – der Spezialist

    Bahnhofstraße 11, 9800 Spittal / Drau, +43 4762 25550

BIKE Region Hohe Tauern

Prices for bike rental

1 day 1/2 day per hour
City Bike € 16,- € 11,- € 5,-
Mountain Bike € 16,- € 11,- € 5,-
Trekking Bike € 20,-
E-City Bike € 28,-
MTB Race
€ 25,-
E-Mountain Bike
€ 39,-
MTB Kinder 20/24
€ 10,- € 7,- € 3,-
€ 13,- € 9,- € 4,-
€ 10,- € 7,- € 3,-
€ 10,- € 7,- € 3,-
€ 3,- € 3,- € 3,-
€ 2,- € 2,- € 2,-
€ 1,- € 1,- € 1,-
€ 1,- € 1,- € 1,-

Return fee, if the bike is not returned to the issuing office: € 6, – per bike


20% reduction in 3 days
30% reduction in 5 days
40% reduction in 7 days


What people think about cycling in the Hohe Tauern National Park:


“The variety here surprises me time and again. I enjoy performance-oriented mountain bike rides and during our family holiday I don’t want to miss out on speedy bike tours. That is totally fine with my family because the day after we can head out on the Drau Cycle Path together and enjoy the fantastic natural surroundings. This gives me the recovery that I need to be able to tackle a long MTB tour the next day …!”

Ready to get those pedals turning?

If you want to experience the loveliest road and mountain bike routes in the Hohe Tauern National Park region, then you should plan a holiday here with us as soon as you can.

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