Hang-gliding and paragliding

Dreamy flying in the Hohe Tauern National Park region

Since the beginning of time people have dreamed of flying and in the Hohe Tauern National Park region, this dream becomes a reality. The Emberger Alm flight area, high above the Drautal is not just one of the most beautiful flight areas in Europe, the impressive infrastructure combined with the rural beauty and attractive thermals in the flight area ensure an unforgettable flying holiday in the south side of the Alps.

m above sea level
Starting point SW Emberger Alm
m above sea level
Starting point SO Emberger Alm
m above sea level
Landing area Greifenburg

Heads’ up flyers – head for Emberger Alm

There are so many different starting options available on Emberger Alm, spanning across expansive Alpine pastures above the treeline, up to the so-called Naßfeldriegel. The entire area has a SE orientation and combined with reliable thermals, provides superb conditions for practice and long-distance flights. Pleasure-oriented pilots and those new to flying alike are well catered for in Drautal. Extensive start and landing areas, as well as altitude differences of between 1120 and 1250 metres ensure variety-packed flight experiences for hang-gliders and paragliders.


From beginner to pro

In various flying schools in the town beginners and those of you who have already been bitten by the flying bug, can pursue this theme in courses and training sessions. Experts provide theoretical expertise about flying before taking their pupils with them to a starting area and heading out on those first attempts at flight. At the lovely thermal rendezvous or at the flying camp in Greifenburg you can meet like-minded people and swap ideas. Drautal: the “place to be” for aerial sports fans.

Facts & information about Emberger Alm

  • Starting point SW Emberger Alm: 1720m (N 46° 46′ 21” E 13° 08′ 59”)
  • Starting point SE Emberger Alm: 1860m (N 46° 46′ 36” E 13° 09′ 00”)
  • Landing area Fliegercamp Oberes Drautal: 610 m (N 46° 44′ 48” E 13° 11′ 33”)
  • Landing area Greifenburg Pobersach: 400m (N 46° 44′ 31” E 13° 12′ 02”)
  • Landing area Hotel Sunshine: 630m (north of the B 100 main road)
  • Day ticket: € 5.50 | Season ticket: € 45.–
  • Shuttle services from Greifenburg – Emberger Alm: Autoreisen Edelweiß: Tel.No. +43 650 3363631, cost for one journey: € 7.–
  • TIP: the flight area is exposed to thunderstorms and is extremely thermic!
  • TIP: be especially cautious in north-facing locations and westerly winds; possibility of leeward rotors!
  • TIP: in easterly locations the wind from the valley often reaches the starting area – turbulent thermals!
  • TIP: considerable thermals in spring – beginners and those getting back into things should only head out with an instructor!

Flying schools and experts on site


Here’s what the on-site experts say:

Wolfgang Sattlegger, Almgasthof Fichtenheim, active hang-glider and on-site expert

“Whether you are a hang-glider or a paraglider, the flying area in Emberger Alm is just sensational. Beginners who want to get in those first few kilometres of routes will feel just as great here as pros who want to tackle flight routes spanning up to 300 km. If I didn’t live and work in Drautal I would probably move here so I could fly every day …!”

Ready to fly?

Are you barely able to wait to give your dream of flying a helping hand and lift off, high above Drautal? Then come to the Hohe Tauern National Park region and take off!


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Winter season closed

ab 14.03.2020

Werte Partner und Gäste,
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Dear guests and partners!
Due to the occasion the winter season 2019/2020 finishs earlier than planned.
Heiligenblut has been standing since Saturday 14. March 2020 in quarantine.
You can reach us by email at tourismus@nationalpark-hohetauern.at
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