Mountain lodges

Alpine inns, mountain lodges and bothies
in the Hohe Tauern National Park

When they show up on screen, the delight is immense. Situated for the most part high on the mountain and blessed with the best views, they are not just objects of desire for weary mountaineers, they often have a key protective function to play and offer shelter. We are talking about MOUNTAIN LODGES and BOTHIES.

Highest night
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Refreshment stop & Pleasure

They are not always found way up in the high mountains, often the loveliest alpine inns are located in Alpine pasture areas, providing a refuge for people and animals alike. They are a hub for Alpine agriculture, which yields the best, home-made produce, which every weary and hungry hiker enjoys tasting. No doubt about it, Alpine inns and mountain lodges are part and parcel of the mountain experience and are a key component of Austrian, Alpine culture.


Best location, own produce

Where there is an alpine inn on an alpine pasture, people and animals live in harmony with the natural surroundings – the result being mostly outstanding produce, drinks and meals. Alpine agriculture has for a long time safeguarded survival in the mountains. These days it is experiencing a genuine renaissance and has more fans than ever. Alpine agriculture is not just organic, it is also contemporary and has a role to play in the special fabric between plants, animals and people.

Get an overview of the huts and mountain lodges in the Hohe Tauern National Park. There is definitely something for everyone here. List summer 2023

Adlersruhe Erzherzog Johann Hütte (c) HT-NPR Martin Glantschnig

Mountain inns -“Classics” in Alpine history

Around the Großglockner, Austria’s highest summit, alpine inns have a somewhat different role. Bothies in the high mountains have had and still do have a key protective function for Alpinists and mountaineers who have to replenish their energy stores during their tours in the cliffs and in icy conditions. The Stüdlhütte, the Adlersruhe, the Salmhütte and the Oberwalderhütte are well-known classics around the Großglockner and popular base camps en route to conquering the summit of the 3798m Großglockner.

Nationalpark-Trekking - Der Tauernhoehenweg4
Nationalpark-Trekking - Der Tauernhoehenweg4

Bivouacs and self-catering alpine inns

In contrast to traditional Alpine inns and very-welled stocked bothies, bivouacs and self-catering alpine inns provide the requisite protection in an emergency. The high mountains are unpredictable and for almost every ambitious Alpinist there will be a point in time when they will choose a night on the mountain over heading back down the mountain. Bivouacs and self-catering alpine inns are outstanding for that unexpected night in the mountains. Equipped with the basics in terms of safety and comfort, for the most part they leave you wanting for nothing.

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A selection of Alpine inns, mountain lodges and bothies


  1. SALMHÜTTE, 2.644 m, Glockner group, June – September
  2. ERZHERZOG-JOHANN-HÜTTE, 3.454 m, Glockner group, July – September
  3. ALMGASTHAUS MARTERLE, 1.861 m, Goldberg group, year around (Nov. closed)
  4. FRAGANTER SCHUTZHAUS, 1.810 m, Goldberg group, June – September
  5. WINKLERNER HÜTTE, 1.905 m, Schober group, May – October
  6. HANNOVERHAUS, 2.565 m, Ankogel group, July – September
  7. ANNA SCHUTZHAUS, 1.992 m, Kreuzeck group, June – October
  8. HUGO-GERBERS-HÜTTE, 2.347 m, Kreuzeck group, June – September
  9. HOCHSTADELHAUS, 1.780 m, Lienzer Dolomits/Oberdrauburg, June – September
  10. E.T. COMPTONHÜTTE, 1.585 m, Gailtaler alps, June – September

If you enjoy hiking and being out and about in the mountains, a trip to one of these mountain inns and bothies definitely ought to feature on your list, as a place to stay for the night or just for a short refreshment stop.

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