Ranger programme

Adventure-packed excursions in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Anyone who heads out on by themselves might just be missing out on the best things! Every year, thanks to their enthusiasm, authenticity and their extensive knowledge of the natural surroundings, the National Park Rangers in the Hohe Tauern inspire thousands of holiday-makers and visitors.

NP Ranger - NPV Suntinger
NP Ranger - NPV Suntinger

Your expert companion …

… in the realm of the Hohe Tauern. Follow our National Park Rangers at every turn and find out interesting information during excursions, the summer and winter programmes, on guided tours into the realm of the flora and fauna, or during the action-packed multi-media presentations. TIP: for an extra adventure in the natural surroundings you can book your very own National Park Ranger, exclusively here with us!

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Wildtierbeobachtung - Berg im Bild
Wildtierbeobachtung - Berg im Bild

National Park experience – Winter

Winter is also a lovely time to head out on tour with a ranger. Not to mention the safety aspect, which is very much emphasised in the winter landscape, you also find out about nature in its most tranquil guise. On guided snow-shoe tours in Mallnitz or to the ibexes in Heiligenblut, you can get close to the  animals in winter in the Hohe Tauern.

Short Facts about the National Park experience in winter

Shooting für den Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Shooting für den Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

National Park experience – Summer

In summer you can head off and enjoy the adventure programmes in the National Park, where the emphasis is on the unspoilt water bodies, impressive Alpine animal habitats and the sensory high Alpine landscape in the Hohe Tauern, with its characteristic flora and fauna. Our tip: National Park lectures in August

Short facts about the National Park experience in summer


Programme for children and teenagers

Very special summer holidays lie in store in the ‘Youth Explorers Club’ in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Every Monday and Wednesday young explorers head out “in the tracks of nature”. Of course, fun, adventure and knowledge are the order of the day. Children aged 6 and over get to enjoy the Hohe Tauern National Park to the full and can get to know it in all its various facets and enjoy exploring.

Short facts about the programmes for children and teenagers

  • National Park Young Explorers Club
  • Choose from locations in Mallnitz and in Oberen Mölltal
  • Ideal for those aged 7 to 10
  • Always at 9:00 a.m. – duration ca. 4 hours
  • Always from mid July & mid August
  • Sturdy footwear, weatherproof clothing
  • Rucksack with drink and snack

A young explorer is inspired

What the kids are saying

“I have already learned so much about the nature in the National Park from the Young Explorers Club. I took part a few years ago when I was on holiday. We are going back to the Hohe Tauern National Park this year for our holidays . I’m now 14 and I think I might apply for the Junior Ranger Project. I think that the Ranger’s work is really interesting, maybe I might get lucky and will be accepted …!”

Are you interested in gaining really valuable insights into the natural sequences that occur in the Hohe Tauern National Park?

Well, your Ranger awaits! Book your next holiday in the Hohe Tauern National Park today!

Get in touch for more information & details, or send us a no-obligation holiday enquiry. Telephone +43 4824 2700.


Wintersaison leider beendet
Winter season closed

ab 14.03.2020

Werte Partner und Gäste,
aus gegebenem Anlass beenden wir die Wintersaison schneller als geplant.

Heiligenblut am Großglockner steht seit Samstag, 14. März 2020 unter Quarantäne.
Per email erreichen Sie uns unter tourismus@nationalpark-hohetauern.at
Alle weiteren Skigebiete schließen am Sonntag, 15. März, die Beherbergungsbetriebe am Montag, 16. März.

Alle aktuellen Informationen finden Sie auf www.kaernten.at/aktuelle-informationen/
Wir freuen uns, Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!

Dear guests and partners!
Due to the occasion the winter season 2019/2020 finishs earlier than planned.
Heiligenblut has been standing since Saturday 14. March 2020 in quarantine.
You can reach us by email at tourismus@nationalpark-hohetauern.at
All other lifts will close with Sunday, 15. March 2020 and the accommodation establishments with Monday, 16. March 2020.

All information about this you'll find on www.visitcarinthia.at/information/
We look forward to welcoming you at later.