Mountain lakes

TRANQUIL WATER in the Hohe Tauern National Park

When the eternal ice retreats, it is TRANQUIL WATER that remains. With this glacial retreat in the corries and on the high plains in the Hohe Tauern, up to 150 mountain lakes emerge. Wonderful, shimmering jewels – the water feeds into the many thundering mountain streams, which then channels its way via the waterfalls, through ravines and gorges into the valley.

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Mountain lakes
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Gradental c) Peter Maier

Green, green and greener still …

… in the midst of the fantastic Alpine landscape. A hike is really lovely, and is rewarded with the views to the white glaciers, that are reflected on the surfaces of the mountain lake – the loveliest thing we have seen in such a long time. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a rest and an invigorating snack. But is the lake too cold to take a dip? Well of course it is, it is glacial water after all.

The loveliest hikes

to mountain lakes
Wandern_Elberfelderhuette - Langtalseen_Nationalpark_Hohe_Tauern9

Gößnitztal – Langtal lakes

The hike to the Langtal lakes is an extensive and a strenuous undertaking. Anyone who takes on this task, will be hiking through the loveliest valleys imaginable. The Elberfelder Hütte at 2346m provides a place to stay the night. The route proceeds via a fantastic altitude trail with plenty of views, taking in the three high mountain lakes – the Langtal lakes. A dreamy tour for experienced hikers.

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Stappitzersee  - Kärnten Hohe Tauern
Stappitzersee - Kärnten Hohe Tauern

Seebachtal – Stappitzer See

As hikers, we get to see the two guises of Seebachtal. The front, farmed section is flat and easy to hike on, before at Schwußner Hütte a trackless high Alpine landscape takes over, and it couldn’t be any more impressive. Stappitzer See is a paradise for migratory birds enjoying a well-deserved rest here as they make their way southwards. A superb place, even if it is not quite that easy to access.

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Blockgletscherweg Doesental - Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Blockgletscherweg Doesental - Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Dösental – Dösener See

This tour is super too, particularly since on the banks of Dösener See the tradition-filled Arthur von Schmid Haus awaits visitors. From the bothy, proceeding across the southern banks, you come to the impressive block glacier, or you might just get comfy on the terrace and enjoy the views to the impressive Säuleck rock pyramid (3086m), which provides views right across the valley. An easy-going tour with a leisurely refreshment stop in an Alpine inn.

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Hochalmspitze vom Oberen Schwarzhornsee - Nationalpark-Region / D. Zupanc, Kärnten Hohe Tauern
Hochalmspitze vom Oberen Schwarzhornsee - Nationalpark-Region / D. Zupanc, Kärnten Hohe Tauern

Elendtäler educational nature trail

The ‘Elendtäler’ (‘misery’ valleys) educational nature trail requires endurance, yet it does not feel one bit “miserable”, as you might now surmise. The tour proceeds via the Zwischeneldendscharte (2692m), with the ascent requiring skill and fitness. Your reward: the superb views from the wind gap over both Schwarzhornsee lakes and to the Hochalmspitze, which is also known as the “Tauernkönigin”. Osnabrücker Hütte provides a refreshment stop, or you could enjoy an overnight stay.

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Gradental/Keeskopf – Gradensee

The Gradental valley is surrounded by three-thousand-meter peaks. Under the gigantic rock faces you follow the tumbling waters upwards, across a fantastic flat moor, until you arrive at the enchanting, turquoise mountain lakes. The Adolf Noßberger Hütte is idyllically situated on the shores of the turquoise blue Gradensee.

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Wangenitzsee mit Hütte c) Peter Maier

Wangenitz Valley – Lake Wangenitz

The Wangenitzsee (2.464 m) with the Kreuzsee offer a grandiose scenery and embed the Wangenitzsee hut with the three-thousand-meter peak north of the hut wonderfully into the basin once scraped out by glaciers. The Wangenitzsee hut (2,508 m) is the highest refuge in the Schobergruppe in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

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How we conduct ourselves on a hike
  • We always keep our distance from animals in the wild

  • We always keep to the hiking trail

  • We do not leave any rubbish – especially not in the mountain lakes

  • We do not take any plants and animals home with us

  • We always keep dogs on a lead

  • We do not camp and do not put any tents in the natural surroundings

  • We do not make any noise or listen to loud music

  • We are aware of Alpine dangers and always keep an eye on the weather

  • We only head into the mountains with good equipment

Anyone who has ever seen that alluring green of a shimmering mountain lake, will no longer be able to do without it.

Would you like to be one of those people who are always talking about this experience?

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