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Way up high in the Hohe Tauern National Park

As its name suggests, the “Hohe Tauern” National Park is full of attractive mountain summits to tackle. Even if the mountain backdrop seems to dominate, the Großglockner is far from being the only dreamy Alpine peak that you might set your sights on. In the Kreuzeck group and around the Ankogel and Hochalmspitze, any amount of impressive summits that provide lots of great views, await.

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Follow us right up to the top …

… and stand above all that is happening below. In summer the Großglockner High Alpine Road provides you with convenient access and ascent into the high mountains.

Or hop aboard the summer cable cars and hover up to 2500m altitude, from where you can relax and head out on fantastic summit tours. Want to draw upon some regional expertise during your summit tours? Then the best thing to do is to head out with a mountain guide or a tour guide. We are happy to help you plan this.

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Mountain tours in the Kreuzeck group

We begin our circuit tour of the Kreuzeck with a trip to Wildsee, immersing ourselves in the scenic beauty of the Kreuzeck group. The ascent to the Reißkofel and an overnight stay in Comptonhütte makes for a brilliant two-day tour. TIP: this tour provides plenty of shade, making it particularly suitable for the height of summer. The hike to Emberger Alm and to Hochtristen is not too difficult and will probably not take you to your limits.

A digital hiking map can be seen here

Discover the best summit tours in the national park here. Staggered by difficulty levels and experience factors, there is something for every nature lover Explore summit tours

Blick vom Keeskopf auf die Bergwelt c) Peter Maier

Alpine dreams around Heiligenblut

Around Heiligenblut for the most part everything revolves around the Großglockner. And it is one good reason why a tour to the highest mountain in Austria is a special experience. Yet the Rote Knopf has a certain something too. The hike through the expanse of the Gößnitztal is a long one, before it is exposed in part heading up to the summit. The Keeskopf is a distinctly fantastic summit. After a lovely hike through the high valley area, the terrain ascends, becoming trackless in part, up to the summit – appropriate expertise and experience required!

More information about summit tours around Heiligenblut

Around the Ankogel and Hochalmspitze

Starting from Mallnitz you climb the Vordere Geiselspitze and share the summit with those who have come from Gasteinertal. The climb to the historically significant Ankogel is ‘wild’, not only because of the fantastic views, but also because there is a slight section of climbing that is required to get to the very top. During a tour to the Hochalmspitze from Giesener Hütte expertise and experience is required since you proceed across firn fields, glaciers and an easy via ferrata route.

More about the tours to the Ankogel and Hochalmspitze
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TOP 10 summit tours in the Hohe Tauern National Park

  1. Hochalmspitze Giesener Hütte: 13 km, 1700m altitude, approx. 12 h, DIFFICULT
  2. Sonnblick via Fleißtal: 12.9 km, 1420m altitude, approx. 8:30 h, DIFFICULT
  3. Roter Knopf: 30.6 km, 3196m altitude, approx. 15:00 h, DIFFICULT
  4. Keeskopf: 15.6 km, 1435m altitude, approx. 8:00 h, DIFFICULT
  5. Emberger Alm – Hochtristen: 10.1 km, 930m altitude, approx. 4:30 h, MODERATE
  6. Petzeck: 18.8 km, 2919m altitude, approx. 12:00, DIFFICULT
  7. Reißkofel – Comptonhütte: 12.5 km, 1400m altitude, approx. 8:00 h, DIFFICULT
  8. Makernig Spitze: 16.4 km, 1382m altitude, approx. 7:00 h, MODERATE
  9. Hochstadel: 7,5 km, 883m altitude, approx. 4:00 h, MODERATE
  10. Ankogel – Mallnitz: 6.4 km, 750m altitude, approx. 4:30 h, DIFFICULT


On a tour of the mountain and the summits remember

  • Spacious mountain rucksack to wear on your back

  • Clothing to protect you from the elements & warm clothes to change into

  • Sturdy footwear with climbing soles for tackling the summit

  • Possibly crampons for glacier tours, pick & climbing belt

  • Plenty of food and drink

  • Tour information and map material

  • Mobile telephone, GPS, compass, possible emergency numbers

  • Sunglasses & skin protection

  • Possibly poles to help with the descent

  • For multi-day tours: a change of clothing & sleeping bag for alpine lodges

  • First aid kit and plasters for blisters

  • Camera and binoculars

So? Are you ready for an unforgettable summiteering experience to the highest mountains in the state?

Would you like to be standing way up above everything, enjoying that feeling of being above it all? Then don’t lose any time and plan your next tour.

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