Visitor centres

Exhibitions & information points in the Hohe Tauern National Park

To the question about where you can get information, be inspired and glean valuable details about nature, fauna and flora, the answer every time is the visitor centres, exhibitions and information points in the Hohe Tauern National Park. There are five visitor centres in total which show off the area around the National Park region in Carinthia.

Das Rangerlab im Besucherzentrum Mallnitz ©
Das Rangerlab im Besucherzentrum Mallnitz ©

Lots of information about the precious natural habitat

Interesting exhibitions provide lots of details about the backgrounds of the parks, how they came about and the historic development and natural processes. Staff and experts provide valuable insights into the day-to-day work in the conservation area and the many challenges that await, day-in, day-out. You also get helpful information about all kinds of tours and programmes.

An overview of the five visitor centres

Besucherzentrum Mallnitz ©
Besucherzentrum Mallnitz ©

Mallnitz visitor centre

Here state-of-the-art technology meets breath-taking natural surroundings. The recently set-up exhibition “univerzoom nationalpark” gets to the bottom of what is happening in the National Park. The maxim in the “rangerlabs”, our new research workshops, is, “learning from nature”. At the bookable workshops anyone interested can do research with rangers, experiment and then experience the natural surroundings up close during the excursions afterwards.

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Wilhelm-Swarovski-Beobachtungswarte (c) Grossglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG
Wilhelm-Swarovski-Beobachtungswarte (c) Grossglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG

Wilhelm Swarovski Observation Tower

Here it is the view that counts. The Wilhelm Swarovski Observation Tower is a unique viewing tower, from where a superb view of the Großglockner comes into focus. Using optical equipment from Swarovski there is an opportunity to observe fantastic animals, like ibex, marmots and golden eagles in the wild.

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Wissenswertes über den Nationalpark
Wissenswertes über den Nationalpark

Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe visitor centre

The Großglockner High Alpine Road ends here, and a whole big natural adventure in the Hohe Tauern begins. Where the Gamsgrubenweg starts, you get to enjoy sensational views to the Großglockner and to the Pasterze, the biggest glacier in the East Alps. Then the highest automobile museum in the Alps awaits, the ‘Alpenliebe’ art exhibition and the ‘Fels und Eis’ adventure trail.

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National Park information point Obervellach

In the ‘Oberstbergmeisteramt’ on the main square in the National Park district of Obervellach is a small, yet perfectly formed exhibit. Unmissable, the information point has interactive stations which whisk you off to the most interesting places in the National Park. Obervellach information point is also dedicated to the exciting history of the market town of Obervellach as a hub for gold mining. A fantastic place for all the family.

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Nationalpark Information Winklern - K. Dapra
Nationalpark Information Winklern - K. Dapra

National Park Information point Winklern

This information point has a shop and through access to Mautturm Winklern as well as a clear, contemporary ambience. A panoramic map and hiking tips recount the region’s natural and cultural gems, inspiring visitors to head into and find out about the fantastic conservation area.

More information about the NP Information Point Winklern


What one loyal NP visitor had to say

“The fantastic visitor centres make the National Park experience in the Hohe Tauern even better. The information that is provided is hugely helpful when it comes to planning tours and programmes. In the “rangerlabs” you are encouraged to actively take part and the interactive guided tours provide fantastic impressions of the unique natural area in the Hohe Tauern… !”



Let's go to the Hohe Tauern National Park

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