Good food and pleasure in the Hohe Tauern National Park

Fine food and pleasure are simply part and parcel of a holiday. Especially when you choose a region that can provide regionally produced goods and traditional treats of the utmost quality, as is the case in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Come and sample and enjoy with all your senses.


Leisurely refreshment stop & well-deserved rest

Whatever the reason for your trip to the Hohe Tauern National Park region, you just have to sample the best produce in the mountains. A leisurely refreshment stop definitely ought to feature during a day of skiing in the highest ski areas in Carinthia. On chilly, sunshine and powder snow-filled days you can look forward to delicious, traditional meals and genuine classics from Carinthian cuisine – here’s to dinner time!


Locally produced, regionally processed

On a hike or mountain bike tour, anyone who sees a mountain inn on the horizon, really does have reason to be happy. Just drop in and take a seat. Not just because of the superb views across the mountains, where farmhouse produce right from the area is used to create the best, traditional delights and the utmost in pleasure awaits. And you can enjoy all this with a clean conscious, since regional production avoids long transport routes and you know what is in there – which means you get to enjoy natural goodness with every bite.


Convivial and hospitable

Us Carinthians are a social lot and we have learned how to best use the treasures of our breath-taking natural surroundings to magic up the best, delicious local treats for you. In many different restaurants, inns and mountain lodges, heart-warming hospitality awaits, peppered with a big helping of warmth and cheeriness. Join us and enjoy refreshments in good company. Anyone who comes along will be a part of our culinary life and will certainly come back time and again!

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