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    The joy of summer

    The Heiligenblut Sanctuary

    The late gothic church of St. Vincent is a popular tourist destination because of its location at the foot of Austria's highest mountain. Visitors to the world-renowned sanctuary will also be astounded by its fascinating history.

    St. Vincent is one of Austria's most beautiful and famous churches. It is home to a vial containing the "holy blood" of the Byzantine general Briccius. Impressive works of art in the church tell the legend of the famous general.

    The parish church is dedicated to Saint Vincent of Saragossa (patron saint). The first time the cemetery and ossuary were mentioned in the historical record was in 1253. The first "Heiligen Bluet" pilgrimage took place in 1273. In 1390 the decision was taken to build a larger church because the small old church was not big enough to accommodate the growing number of visiting pilgrims.

    The church's special features are:

    • a gothic high altar dated 1520
    • the crypt containing the tomb of the Holy Briccius
    • a wrought iron-clad book of remembrance for victims of the Grossglockner


    Church tour information:

    Mrs. Karla Schachner
    Telephone: +43 664 2407 880 

    Mrs. Karin Forsthuber
    Telephone: +43 650 7406 502

    Info- & Booking Centre Heiligenblut am Großglockner
    Telefon: +43 4824 2700

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